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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 10, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everybody. happy friday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we begin in oakland today. it has launched a new battle against prostitution but it's not going after the women this time. anne makovec reports the city
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is targeting two businesses it says caters to prostitutes. >> we think we have to take drastic measures to address a drastic problem. >> reporter: the problem is prostitution. the measure the city want to take would shut down two local hotels allegedly allowing it. the case is against the national lodge on international boulevard. this man who works nearby came to testify. >> i myself was approached by a woman last september. she came out of the national lodge mow tell and offered me sex for money. so wah they are doing isn't working. >> reporter: the city of oakland sued the national lodge in december 2010 under the city's red light abasement act. then in 2011 they issued a preliminary injunction hoping to improve security. but the city says this place refuses to clean up its act. no one at the noel would speak with us today but we did see what looks like an attempt to
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dissuade prostitution. several printed signs in the window and rules of conduct for motel guests, the same scene at the economy inn on 12th street the subject of another trial starting next friday. the clerk said they are doing all they can and are strict about who they allow to state. >> as of yesterday we only are three new customers. we rejected everybody else. >> reporter: the neighbor says there is plenty of obvious prostitution around the area, but they say the motel is a legitimate business. >> i think they should keep control of the prostitution because it's not good for tourists. >> reporter: the city attorney says prostitution brings rapes and kidnapping and that the owners are well aware of the problem. we're seeking an order from the court shutting the businesses down for a year during which time they can develop a business plan that does not rely on prostitution for their revenues. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> and who dropped rocks and
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concrete on a police officer in livermore injuring him in the head? that's what authorities want to know after an incident just this morning. gil diaz is where it happened underneath a railroad overpass. gil. >> reporter: hi, grace. good afternoon. yeah. it happened around 2:30 this afternoon. it happened right here beside me. the officer was along that underpass. his attackers from above along the railroad tracks. now, that officer is recovering right now. he is out of the hospital already. but he was pelted with things like these that we found laying around, rocks and cement. the largest chunk police recovered at the scene measuring 8 by 14." here's what led up to it. now, the officer was doing his patrols and found cement chunks and other debris on the underpass already. he got out of his car to removed road hazard only to be attacked from above. he didn't get a good look of the attackers because it was dark but he remembers seeing three to four people. he called for backup and was rushed to valley care hospital. police believe his attackers
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wanted to hurt the officer. >> we're unclear. we're puzzled that they were so aggressive under that underpass. it's very well lit as cars go underneath. so it was clear. his emergency lights were on. he is in a marked patrol car, full union for and it was clear he was a police officer. and they just didn't hesitate one bit. >> reporter: police are hoping that someone will come forward with more information because they have very little to go on. the suspects when caught will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. you're talking a live look again of that scene, the underpass and the railroad tracks and we are just learning minutes ago that there is now a $2,000 reward for the capture of those suspects. as for the officer, he has been with the force for about 7 years. and he is on medical leave right now, obviously. back to you, grace. >> and gil, have there been any other cases like this on that overpass as people attacking others with rocks? >> reporter: when we talked to the public information officer,
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he says this is very unusual. they have maybe people throwing things like garbage or maybe a basketball at people from the railroad tracks. but nothing like this where it's a slew and heavy concrete chunks, as well. so it's very unusual and extreme. >> those rocks are huge. you could kill someone. >> reporter: i know. >> gil diaz live in livermore, thank you. an early-morning fire guts part of a lumberyard in san rafael. firefighters getting that call around 2:45 this morning. the fire burning at rafael lumber and building supply on anderson drive. it took 35 firefighters agressively attack the flames to finally contain them but they say they were well prepared. >> preplanning pays off. the firefighters are here, you know, on a regular basis to not only do inspections in the area of the community, but i think that is your nightmare is that 2:00 in the morning, you' going to have a large fire and upon our rival, and really be behind
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from the start. >> nobody was hurt. the cause remains under investigation. police want to know who dropped off a stabbing victim at a south san jose hospital and then took off. they got the call around 7:00 last night from staff at the kaiser san jose medical center. the man died by the time officers arrived there. investigators don't know what the motive may have been. this is the city's fourth homicide of the year. and the man accused shooting a federal agent in newark allegedly had an obsession with the victim's wife. today 61-year-old dennis bagwell of piedmont is expected to enter a plea. court documents say that the suspect had been stalking the woman who was a student of his last year. 61-year-old robert suplik is now in very serious condition after the attack just outside his home on tuesday morning. today occupy tents back up at uc-berkeley's campus at cal. five went up late yesterday and are in the same spot at sproul plaza where police removed those tents three months ago. campus police are asking them
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to take them down but the protestors say they are not violating rules since nobody is inside those tents camping. for now, officers appear to be taking a wait-and-see approach. >> what they said today was basically, uhm, you know, thanks for keeping the place clean, it's really nice to see students out here raising their voices, and, you know, we would like to work together. they have had a very mellow attitude and i really appreciate that. >> protestors say the university has not responded to their demands like putting a stop to tuition hikes. eight school employees are now on administrative leave as a redwood city school district investigates allegations of child abuse by a teacher. alexia bogdis is accused of slapping and kicking special needs students over a two-month period on the campus of roosevelt school. the district says it's looking into whether other employees followed proper procedures. so far, the district is not saying which workers were put on leave or exactly where they work. a los angeles elementary
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school teacher is accused of taking lewd pictures of students. he was apparently paid to resign according to the los angeles times. mark berndt was ee moved from miramonte elementary school last january, removed while under investigation. the "times" reports that he was fired the next month and appealed but then dropped the appeal and resigned after the district paid him four months back pay. he and another teacher both face sexual abuse charges involving students. coming up, the marine corps back into damage control. the latest photo causing a backlash. the republican presidential candidates make their pitch to thousands of conservative voters. i'm danielle nottingham in washington. i'll have the story coming up. and hope for humans? the cancer drug that treats alzheimer's in mice. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we have seen plenty of clouds a few showers around the bay area. what about the weekend? we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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launch a 48-hour strike. protestors are rallying thousands taking to the street in greece as unions launch a 48-hour strike. protestors are rallying against new more stringent austerity measures over the country's international bailout plan. greece may meet several demands as part of the bailout and only has next week to do so. if not, the country may go bankrupt. 25 people are dead, another 175 injured after two explosions today in syria. it is the first significant violence in syria's largest city during the uprising against president assad. state media says the explosions targeted security compounds in the city which so far has mainly supported assad. there are conflicting reports about who may be responsible
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for today's attacks. the marine corps blames an ignorance of history when it comes to a photo afghanistan. apparently a sniper union was seen posing with the american flag and there's also a banner with what looks like the logo of the nazi ss. the marines say they believe this wasn't a case of racism. the snipers thought ss stood for sniper scouts. campaign 2012 now. thousands of conservatives have gathered in washington this weekend to hear the gop presidential candidates make their pitch for their votes. and as danielle nottingham reports, it could be a make-or- break moment for many of the candidate. reporter: these are the conservative movers and shakers that could turn rick santorum's newfound momentum into a presidential nomination. >> who has that strong track record and th contrast? >> you! >> okay. >> reporter: santorum is coming off a big week. he won contests in three states and a fox news poll shows him neck and neck with mitt romney.
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romney has struggled to win over conservatives. today he worked to convince the crowds he is one of them. >> we conservatives aren't just proud to cling to our guns and religion. we also proud to cling to our constitution. >> reporter: newt gingrich speaks later this afternoon. he is vowing to stay in the race even as his top donor has decided to hold off on future funding. there are thousands of people here for this high-profile weekend event. some have yet to pick a favorite candidate. others have already made their choice. >> rick santorum's the last conservative left standing right now. and we hope to put him into office. >> reporter: while the republican party is divided over the candidates, they are rallying around the idea president barack obama has to go. >> we must outsmart the liberals. we must outsmart the stupid people that are trying to ruin america! >> yeah! >> reporter: after hearing all the speeches, this group will
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make its conservative presidential pick in a straw poll tomorrow night. in washington, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. texas congressman ron paul is the only candidate who is not attending the conference. his son, senator rand paul, spoke on his behalf thursday. he is staying focused on maine, which holds its caucuses tomorrow. just a few hours ago, the white house announced a compromise in its ongoing birth control battle. in a policy shift, president obama said under the new healthcare reform law, religious employers would not be required to offer free birth control. instead, the responsibility falls on the insurance companies. they would have to provide those workers with free family planning if requested. >> no woman's health should depend on who she is or where she works or how much money she makes. every woman should be in control of the decisions that affect her own health, period. >> the change in policy came
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after religious-affiliated groups like catholic charities and hospitals criticized a rule that would have required them to provide employees coverage for birth control. a skin cancer drug may be able to treat alzheimer's disease. scientists tested the drug on mice and found it can reverse the disease improving memory and brain functions. the study in the journal "science" found the drug removes plaque build-up in the brain that can cause alzheimer's. doctors are now planning tests on more people. a warning for toyota owners, what can be sparking fires had some car doors. >> and easing up the parking ticket pain. why two bay area cities are changing their policies. and it's a squirrel sure to keep heads turning. how it furry critter got its unusual hue. >> purple. >> we're still seeing some showers and continuing to see some moisture moving into the afternoon hours. pretty wet at ocean beach. will we see that over the weekend? we will talk about that next.
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she spotted it in her backyard. her husband set up a trap, and they too you're not nuts. this squirrel is definitely purpose. a pennsylvania woman thought she spotted it in her yard so they took pictures to prove the anomaly. it can be dye. the furry critter is set free
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and it has a facebook page. >> those are indigenous to karnopolu. s. >> we have clouds in the skies right now. we have seen showers as a weak cold front slides through. hi-def doppler picking up on that moisture and you can see it's falling apart as it moves by but still a lot of leftover low-level moisture so we are seeing some very wet conditions. we have drizzle outside and temperatures mild into san jose at 65 degrees. 57 degrees and the drizzle in san francisco and 61 degrees in consumer report. partly cloudy skies, sprinkles and most of the energy near the coastline and then looks ache chance of a few leftover showers into tomorrow morning and mostly dry weekend ahead. cold air diving into the bay area.
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that will keep things unsettled but after that things begin to dry out. computer models picking up on the moisture moving onshore going to leave a chance of scattered showers into the afternoon and tonight and probably tomorrow morning and then looks like we're done. and then we clear out your skies tomorrow afternoon. 50s at the coastline. as we look over the next couple of days, it's a go to it weekend. lots of sunshine by the afternoon hours. great time to get out and enjoy. looks like partly cloudy skies into someday and then sunday night there's a better chance of rain into monday morning. then tuesday i don't know what's happening that day but if you have any plans, it looks like it's going to be dry. by the way, don't forget, chinese new year always seems to rain on chinese new year, this year it will stay dry. enjoy the costumes and festivities. and, of course, plenty of food out there, too. and as we look -- >> what do they have out there? >> kirkwood a chance of showers on saturday, couple of snow
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showers over the upper peaks. northstar looking good. chance of a few showers too. bring the chains if you are heading there. squaw valley, this is interesting. they have now opened the first ski-through starbucks at 8,000 feet! you can just ski through, grab a latte and ski down. >> do you have against tuesday? >> nothing. i just don't know what's happening that day. [ laughter ] >> valentine's day. >> your wife does. i got news for you, big guy. >> terrible. >> lawrence, thanks. bart directors have agreed to move forward with studies on extending the rail system to livermore. yesterday's decision also included other options to the five-mile extension like light rail, diesel trains and perhaps express buses. currently the closest bart station to livermore is dublin- pleasanton. and two east bay cities are considering a way to make parking laws more driver friendly. proposed ordinances in both berkeley and oakland would wipe out a ticket if the driver shows up while it's being
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written. happened to me couple of weeks ago. the point is to spread some good will among drivers especially since the main purpose of meters is to encourage parking turnover in commercial districts. we have another troubling investigation involving toyota. federal safety regulators are looking into reports of fires in the driver's side doors of 2007 toyota camry sedans and rav-4 suvs. the national highway traffic safety administration says that the problem could affect as many as 830,000 vehicles. >> when is valentine's day? >> looking for something sweet? the cupcake that may just break the bank.
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today with tony's table we're in naples above the bay in naples. the port city is just beautiful. from the boats floating in the harbor to the views across the bay of naples. and we're going to do one of the greatest dishes from the coast of naples an sicily. now what that is? pasta with clams. [ non-english language ] so we're in the kitchen right now with chef marco. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: i have to confess it's one of my favorite dishes.
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it's simple to make but the ingredients have to be good. we are starting with the best fresh clams and herbs. you have the olive oil and garlic going. what do you do next? the french clams are added to this hot pan along with fresh parsley and as that begins to cook the chef gets the pasta started. the sheriff adds pasta water to the clams as they are cooking and then covers the pan. that's going to give it the steam. and that's also going to give it some juices to open up the collapse and give it some wonderful flavor. in just a minute you can see the clams start to open. now you see what he did? he separated the clams with some of the juice to another pan and then finished cook the fast is with the juice in pasta water and clipping it to get more broth out of it from the starches of the pasta and then plates. i'm tony tantillo and this is tony's table from napoli. ciao. coming up at 5:00, help for the 60 million americans suffering with insomnia. the new therapy that doesn't involve medication. >> and ordering bouquets online
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for valentine's day, well, we're going to put some websites to the test. that and much more tonight at 5:00. >> we had a lot of flowers around the newsroom this week. >> would you like to make your valentine's day extra sweet? >> a cupcake store in pennsylvania featuring a red velvet cupcake has a $55,000 diamond ring on it. one way to make her say yes sue that would work. >> too sweet. doesn't you this? i. >> nope. >> 8 carats? >> i pity your poor bride on tuesday. >> take care. >> caption colorado, llc
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